Greenwich' Pizza Making Camp

Spent our Saturday' morning watching Browie make his own pizza and became a certified pizza maker. Greenwich' Pizza Making Camp is a great way to introduce kids to the world of cooking their own food. I signed up Browie to join in because it is something I never experienced as a kid,hmmmm "kasi wala pa namang Greenwich noon."

Mama and me were being stage mother and stage sister as we get to do sign language over to Browie for a little instruction. During the two hours pizza making camp, they were able to; play with other kids, tour the kitchen, listen to proper hand washing while in the kitchen,watch a demo on dough making, make their own pizza and eat.

Joining such fun activity is a great way to educate kids. Browie had a lot of fun that he cannot help showing everyone he is a certified pizza maker. Greenwich KCC Marbel will hold more camps and activities, just check and inquire at their stores.