Koronadal City: Pansit Malabon Express

I cooked Pansit Malabon. But learning from my foodie Browie that a pansit Malabon restaurant opens in KCC Koronadal City, I just have to try it myself.
After my usual grocery and waiting for Browie, I did a take-out from Pansit Malabon Express.

Pansit Malabon Express outlet in KCC Koronadal is the 1st in Mindanao out of its 62 branches. I ordered the good for 5 persons Pansit Malabon bilao for Php 400.00 and 2 solo orders of Malabon Seafood Rice for Php 90.00.
The good for 5 bilao of pansit Mlabon is more than enough even for 10 persons, as I get to microwave it the next day for our morning snacks in Aurora's Kitchen. I can say that it taste really good and close to what we used to cook at home. And the squid is really tasty and sweet. The Malabon Seafood rice became a star, as my Browie calls it the "sulit" rice. I love the subtle  taste of bagoong in it. And a solo serving can feed up to 3 persons.
Pansit Malabon Express is located at the Lower Ground Floor, KCC Mall of Marbel.