Iloilo: Islas de Gigantes in a Day

Islas de Gigantes is an island chain in the Western Visayas. It is part of the municipality of Carles.
Our island hopping tour starts after breakfast at Paon Beach Club. At around 7:00 A.M. the boat arrives, and off we go to a day of sun, sand and fun activities.

Our first stop is Cabugao Gamay. It is the most famous of the islets of Gigantes. We spent an hour in Cabugao Gamay, climbing the infamous spot of Isla Gigantes and swimming on its crystal clear waters.

Tangke is our next stop. It is a saltwater lagoon within Gigantes Sur, one of the two main islands of Isla Gigantes. Getting to the "tangke" is an adventure, we have to jump from "bangka" to "bangka" to get to the lagoon.

Our third stop is the Bantigue Sandbar. We take a quick dip, but the sun is so strong that we decided to just go to our next stop to have lunch.

Antonia is our last stop. Lunch, swim and spelunking. It is Browie's first time to do spelunking and it was a blast.

After four islets, a cave and a tray of "wasay-wasay," Islas de Gigantes explored!