What's Cooking:Rugelach

Sunday is the day that I get to free myself from the routine of waking up early and preparing food and desserts for Aurora's Kitchen. It is the day of the week when I can have the freedom of experimenting in the kitchen. Rugelach became the chosen one, when I check the fridge for the ingredients needed for the recipe.I got my recipe from Chef Simone de Vera of Gourmet Bites, when she had a demo for KitchenAid.
Rugelach, the newest baking adventure I dared to bake, not even knowing if I pronounce its name right. I learned from the very reliable Mr. Wikipedia, that even its name is spelled differently,other spellings: rugelakh, rugulach, rugalach, ruggalach, rogelach. It is a Jewish pastry that is eaten any time of the years. Despite the fact that it is not fried in oil, it is traditional in Hanukkah.
Rugelach is the kind that needs patience and loving care when rolling the dough. But every little details that came with it is worth it, when you get to take a first bite of this Jewish pastry. 

Instead of Apricot Preserve I used Concord Grapes Jam