Finn and Jake Birthday Project

Let us take a break from food and travel post. It is a time for what fuels all those food and travel post. It has been a bountiful week for me as orders from Aurora's Kitchen and Passions Cupcakes keep on coming. The big one came, a Finn and Jake themed 8th birthday. Good thing that Mommy Ivy gave me a two weeks lead time to do all the preparations. 

For the cake and cupcakes; it is a KitKat & MM's cake with Finn & Jake and the cupcakes of course go with the theme, I used printable and edible toppers. I baked and design the cookie toppers, with help and detail reminders from my Browie. Browie's reminders; "Finn has no nose & Jake's eyes has to have the white part."

I had fun with the Pastillas de Leche, to go with the theme I rolled it in colored sugar that I made. Pastillas de Leche is one of the products of GF Food Products, a company my three aunts started in  the early 90's.

I called every order a project, because like every school project, you do it with a hundred and one of your knowledge and ability, to get the highest score. And the Finn & Jake project gave me a lot of inspiration to give more of my passion to baking and cooking.