Antique: Merlinda's Restaurant in Anini-y

Happy to write about this discreet but known restaurant in the town of Aniniy, Merlinda's Restaurant. It was so unfortunate not to find seafood at the restaurant in Siraan Hot Spring. We decided to go to the Poblacion to have lunch. 
Waiting for a ride to Poblacion, Anini-y from Siraan Hot Spring
On our way to Poblacion, Anini-y, I ask the beautiful lass beside me in the tricycle, where can we have lunch and she suggested Merlinda's. Not knowing that Mama already asked Manong Driver to bring us to a place where we can have our lunch. And Manong Driver, made a stop at the same place suggested to me. Hmmmm, it must be something.
From the main Highway, but a gasoline station is being constructed at the corner street, it will be a lot easier to find in the future
In a place like Anini-y, where almost everyone prepare their own food at home, just don't expect a variety of dishes to choose from. Merlinda's Restaurant, is a "carenderia" that offers short orders as well. We ordered; Pork with a sweet sarsa, "Dorado" fish with a sweet sauce and 2 bowls of Batchoy for Browie and Sissy. They serve us a complimentary soup and again it is a sweet "caldo."
Merlinda's Restaurant is located a few steps from the main highway. I believe that it is known in Anini-y because before we left, a group of "Tagalog" speaking couple arrives with their tour guide and driver.
Waiting for a ride to the Capital town of Antique, San Jose de Buenavista