Davao Occidental: G.M. Beach, New Argao, Malita

WOW! and OH!!! Those were the words we can utter as we get to the beach. WOW that we had the beach to ourselves.......clear blue waters and the stretch of clean, fine, black sands of G.M. Beach.
G.M. Beach is one of the many beach resorts along the coastal road of Malita. Located at Brgy. New Argao, Malita, about 5 kilometers from Poblacion, Malita. We passed by the biggest and only construction in province, a Coal Fired Power Plant, the life blood of Malita's economy.
OH! That we have the whole beach resort; 4 open cottages, 2 huts and 1 big open cottage with unlimited videoke for only Php 1,000.00. You can't get that anywhere in Gumasa or General Santos City.