Davao City: Balik Bukid Restaurant

Balik Bukid Restaurant stays true to its name, lined among the concrete structures of restaurants along Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City, one can easily find it. With its bamboo windows and recycled plastic bottle walls, Balik Bukid is place where you can dine at the same time makes you feel good knowing you are feeding your body with healthy food.
the menu inside a "damath" board

place mats made from recycled plastic wrappers


After a filling snacks at S&R, we decided to have lunch before having another 4-hours trip back home. For lunch we ordered; Kaning Asul,Kalderetang Karnero, Kinulob na Pugo, Balik Bukid Farm Salad, Fried Ice Cream and Roselle Juice.

Tumeric candy


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