Mama Be original Ube Cake

Mama Be's Ube Cake becomes Aurora's Kitchen signature cake. 3 years ago, she surprised me with the biggest Ube Cake, not knowing it will be the last birthday cake she will ever baked for me.
On the day of my birthday, I feel like baking something, something that my palette been missing for a time, the UBE CAKE.
It's my Birthday and I want Ube Baby Cake
It is the first time I am making it from the recipe I asked from her a day after my birthday, good thing that I wrote it on the my good old recipe notebook.

I baked two round pans and six 2 oz. cupcakes. I knew right then I HIT it BIG! Browie did not stop until he finished all six cupcakes.
During my birthday dinner, we were left with a small slice of it. And the day after, I baked again for Aurora's Kitchen, and it was SOLD OUT before the day ends. 

The rest is history with my Mama Be's ube cake, since my birthday, every week I get orders for Ube Cake.