Cebu City: Pepper Lunch

Cebu City is one big gastronomic adventure. And my Cebu City visit will always be centered in trying out new food place that is not yet establish in either Davao City or General Santos City. For Sissy’s birthday dinner, this time courtesy of Mama Nette, she wants to lavish on steaks, off she chooses Pepper Lunch.
Beef Pepper Rice Php 205, Double Hamburg Steak w/ Egg Php 335, Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak Php 635 and Hamburg Steak & BBQ Beef Php 305
Our Pepper Lunch dinner is a fun experience for the whole family. As we all get excited, waiting for our steaks to cook before our very eyes on their iron plates.It is the patented Iron Plate, which is heated up to 250 degrees Celsius and remains heated for more than 20 minutes, ensuring the food remains warm up to the last bite. 

Pepper Lunch is located at the 4th Level of Ayala Center Cebu. It was started in Japan in 1994 by a Japanese inventor and chef, Kunio Ichinose. His goal was to provide a fast and quality food without a trained chef. 
Pepper Lunch is a must try, wherever you find it!