Rain can't stop our family from wandering around the City of Dumaguete. From the city Church Bell Tower we walked towards Rizal Boulevard. And because it was drizzling, we went to look for a place where we can have something hot to fill our tummies.

Right along Rizal Boulevard we saw Hoy Lugaw! It was as if calling or shouting at us. "here you can have something hot to fill your tummies at a very affordable price."

Hoy Lugaw! is an institution in Dumaguete based on the number of locals coming and having take-out orders. I initially ordered just a bowl of Chicken Arroz Caldo for Papa to share with Mama and a Ham and Egg for Browie.
Upon tasting it, I give in to ordering another bowl. The "caldo" is so tasty and the flavor is enhanced with a drop of calamansi juice in it.