Cheers to 20 Years of Rural Bank of Alabel Inc. (RBAI)

I am taking this post into a more personal level, than what we had last night during the anniversary. It is personal because 20 years ago my father decided to leave a job in a bank (resigns and gives his resignation paycheck as payment for his shares of stock) and join a group of of risk takers who decided to go into rural banking business. His decision keeps me thinking; how can they send us to school or will Mama's government sweldo can keep up with our family's expenses.
That was 20 years ago, but thanks to God's amazing work, RBAI went through the ups and downs, but it remained standing and strong. And will always be as challenge by Engr. Angelo Balili, Chairman & CEO, "in the next 20 years, 20 more branches in the whole of Mindanao."

Papa's next in line

Mama with our dearest Manang Pacing, for two months during the organization and approval of license by BSP, she followed-up every single day with BSP, there are times that tears flows down every time she would pass by the BSP building. Truly a pillar of RBAI

Engr. Angelo Balili, Chairman & CEO of RBAI

The nine risk takers of RBAI

Happy Browie, after Papa picked his own name during the raffle

RBAI BOD with our loyal clients

Ladies of RBAI

Celebration for the 20 years of Trust, Integrity and Service to the people is at the Pearl Ballroom of Sun City Suites, General Santos City.