Bo's Coffee, SM General Santos City

I cannot end my day with just a cup of coffee. After an hour of following Browie around SM Toy Kingdom, my legs call for a rest and I call for my 2nd cup of coffee for the day.
Bo's Coffee is located at the Ground Floor of SM City. I ordered Drip Coffee for Php 105.00 while Miya had Iced Blended Nutty Peppermint for Php 175.00. While paying I saw Theo & Philo chocolates, I been dying to try it, we tried their Milk Chocolate Adobo and Peppercorn. 

Theo and Philo is something we Filipinos can be proud of because it is a product that is "By the Philippines, Of the Philippines, For the Philippines." 

But aside from chocolate my two foodie buddies keep looking at the Green Tea Cheesecake, and being an overly sensitive Sistah to my drooling sibs, I ordered a slice for Php195.00. And the rest is just a flash of Green Tea Cheesecake slice.

A day spent with people we love is the best!