Strong Surf and Nice Locals of Dahican, Mati City!!!

I will start with Dahican’s surf, it is an experience to tell. The moment we get in Dahican Public Beach, we could not resist the calm waters before us. Until it HIT us! That feeling of not coming out as the strong force of water hurled us to shore and pulled us back in the water made me grateful that I survived Dahican’s Surf.

The strong surf is just a memory and a story to tell when we get to meet the locals of Mati City. From the local officials to the infamous Amihan Boys, all we have were their shy smile and friendly response to our questions.

During our visit we get to meet National Skimboarding Champion Sonny Boy "Bayogyog" Aporbo. If not for the mayor's office staff who told Papa that he is an Asian Skimboarding Champ we would not know. His simple demeanor as he throws his skim board on the water and takes a leap with the surf, only shows his humility as all Amihan Boys are.