Banana and Pomegranate

Think.Think.Think. I did not have banana and pomegranate for breakfast but I get to have them on my morning walk with Sissy.

Banana is Mr. Banana of Dole Stanfilco office here in our place. I used to pass by it everyday and I always wanted to have my photo with it. And I just did!!!!Worth blogging ba? I say yes! Because development is just around the corner for our barangay. The growing number of multi-national companies boost our barangay's economic growth. And living here is becoming very promising.

Pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub. Because I love the chocolate coated pomegranate that Ma Nette sends, Sissy and I got so excited to see it. 

Yes Tita May Mariano of Dok Mariano's Garden has two fruit bearing pomegranate. Our uber excitement made us harvest two not fully ripen fruits. HUHU