Mati's Sleeping Dinosaur

One of the many sights on my bucket list ticked-off, Mati's Sleeping Dinosuar in Badas Point. With the arrival of Hot D, I never expected to be able to tick it off too soon. 
It drizzled a few minutes after we made our stop at Badas Point. Being one of the most recognizable sights of Davao Oriental, a stop and photo is a must for me. 
It was gloomy but we saw Sleeping Dinosaur
Sleeping Dinosaur is not hard to find for it is the one and only way to get to Mati City. Public and private vehicles all passes through Badas Point. And you will that you are there, when you see people stopping and taking photographs.

Just a piece of advice, do not stop right away the moment you read the Badas Point sign. You will get a better view as you go, simply find a spot that would show the Sleeping Dinosaur in its full glory, which we failed to do. The moment we got back to the car, it was raining hard.
See you in our next stop!!!