An Adventutre with Violet and Pink Cupcakes and Cake

Since I started my cupcake business, it also became an opportunity for adventure. The pretty violet and pink themed cupcakes and cake is for the 1st birthday of my second cousin's daughter.

It was drizzling that morning so instead letting Rhanee pick up her orders from Aurora's Kitchen, I informed her that we will deliver it instead.
And the adventure starts, after more than a decade, Papa is going back to Sitio Lote, Brgy. Cebuano, Tupi. And a decade past of memory sometimes flickers. We ended up passing through narrow rough road leading to a dead end, but thanks to good people around who willingly showed us a much better route.
the dead end

Sitio Lote is one of the interior sitios of Brgy. Cebuano, but what stands out about it, it is dotted with big volcanic rocks believed to have shoot out of Mt. Matutum's eruption.

Our visit also became a gastronomic feast for there is not one but two birthdays that day. Instead of just a delivery, we ended up having lunch in both birthdays!
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