SM Gen.San. Foodie Day: Karate Kid and The Famous Belgian Waffles

I am back with my foodie buddy for another food adventure in SM General Santos City. After doing the day's delivery, my buddy is HUNGRY. The agreement before leaving home is try something new, somewhere we never tried before.
Since the list is getting shorter, Karate Kid is the place to go. Hmm he wanted to try the Takuyaki but it was not available, so I have to convince him to try Chicken Katsudon. He did, while I had Chicken Teriyaki and Caramella Milk Tea.

Chicken Katsudon is a big hit for Little Big Man, especially that it got his favorite egg on top. Chicken Teriyaki on the other is just right, but the Caramella Milk Tea has something so wrong about it. I love milk tea and even recreated it at home, but Karate Kid’s has some lumps of milk in it. But since Chicken Katsudon made Little Big Man happy, pwede na din.

After lunch we went to look for some things for Aurora’s Kitchen and had another doze of NBS time. I bought Liz Uy’s book, StyLized, bad thing that I forgot she had a book signing last March 23 in SM Gen.San.

Just outside NBS, is the newly opened The Famous Belgian Waffles, and it calls for an afternoon coffee. I had coffee and Hazelnut Waffles while Little Big Man opted for just a hot chocolate.

And another foodie day has once again ends. Till our next foodie day!