Ordination of Rev. Elisa Esmeralda-Veloso

Surreal. Laying face down on the floor. Giving your life to the service of God's vineyard.

Pastor Lisa is two years younger that me. She served UCCP Tupi, the church our family attends, for almost 6 years now. She is part of our family, the 3rd daughter of Mama & Papa. In our ups and downs, she has been that light and salt that made us carry through life. And on the day of her ordination, she invited us, and let Mama put her the cross. 

More than the ceremony of ordination, it is what goes within that person being ordained struck me most. The courage to give your life to God.

I came to ask my self then, would I be willing or have I given my life to God's service? Just then I realized, that I do not have to be a pastor to be of service to God's vineyard. There are people who are called to be one. We are called in the place where he puts us in, it is the vineyard where he wants us to work.
May we be able to be all workers of God's vineyard, in being a foodie, a traveler and an entrepreneur.