Kalsangi Weekend with Mama

It's an invite I can't say no to. It was a Saturday, and woke up with Mama telling me to go with her to Kalsangi on Tita Babes lunch invitation.
a welcome sight in Tita Babes home
Kalsangi is an exclusive community tucked inside Dole Pineapple Plantation. It is very exclusive that getting there is only through invites by Kalsangi residents. This residential community was created for Dole executives. It has a school, a golf course and a clubhouse.
on our way to Kalsangi
We arrived in time for lunch but Me and Mama can't wait to take photos around Tita Babes' indoor garden.

Lunch was great that we ended up taking an afternoon nap in the cool weather of Kalsangi. It was drizzling during our visit. Kalsangi is located about 2000 feet above sea level, we were almost at the foot of Mt. Matutum.

After our nap, we went to the Clubhouse to buy the infamous Kalsangi bread. Tita Babes drove us to the clubhouse in their golf cart which is so cool and sooooo cold!!!!

Meet KC, my 2nd cousin who teaches in Kalsangi, it was the first time we were introduce
It was indeed a very fun weekend with Mama.