S & R Shopping, Davao City

Baked goodies order keeps coming and since most of my baking ingredients where from my Ma Net based in US, the opening of S&R Davao is a breather for me. From more than a month of waiting for “balikbayan box” to a four hours bus ride to Davao City, erased the lull time.
With Valentines Day around, I got to have reserved ingredients. I left the house past 4:00 A.M. and got back home by 3:00 P.M.
S&R is membership shopping. Membership is easy, just bring two valid I.D., signed up the membership form, pay Php 700.00, have your photo taken and viola you got your S&R Membership.
5:00 A.M. on my way to Davao City

As I roam around S&R a lot of business ideas keep popping, but I have to keep it a secret for now. It is a haven for bulk shopper, almost everything comes in big containers or in bulk.
After shopping, one of the must try when in S&R is their PIZZZZZAAAA. I had their Cheese Pizza and a cup of Cappuccino, for early lunch.

S&R Davao City is located beside NCCC Davao City. Very accessible and not having your own car is not a problem, taxis are readily available, it being located in the major thorough fair.
I am done with my shopping and early lunch by 11:00 A.M., that I get to ride the same YBL Non-Stop Bus on my way to Davao City.
11:00 A.M. on my way to General Santos City

S&R shopping will always be fun.