Hole in a Wall: Snack Kooh Food House (Chicken and Pork Siopao)

from inside the car; Snack Koh's drive thru counter
Snack Koh is an institution around Yumang Street in General Santos City. I got to know about Snack Koh’s siopao when I rented an apartment in Yumang Street for more than a year. A colleague introduced it to me and the rest is history.
It is my go to place when I am hungry and lazy to prepare something to snack on or it can be dinner sometimes.
They only serve Chicken and Pork siopao, but during merienda time the street looks like there is a drive tru. Some cars just stop open their window order and go.

And on Valentines Day after delivering the day’s orders, I went to grab Snack Koh’s siopao. What I like about their siopao is that the dough itself has flavor, it is not just bland white dough. The fillings are very tasty, at Php 10.00 each, I can say it is “SULIT.”

Snack Koh’s is located at  Yumang Street, Lagao, Generla Santos City.