First Cupcake Project for 2014

2014. I am bolder and braver in my cupcake projects. When I started Passions Cupcakes in 2012, I did birthdays and even debut, but never with weddings.
On the 5th day of 2014, I did my first ever wedding project. It's small, one round Choco moist cake and twenty-two choco cupcakes. I used fresh flowers for the decorations.

It was tiring and nerve wrecking experience, but an inquiry on the cakes hours later, made my hopes high. It is just the start of a more beautiful cupcake wedding projects.
Cupcake Date: January 5, 2014


  1. Hello Mei, still a happy new year to you and your family. I think you are really good in baking. I like your creativity of using fresh flowers as cake decorations. You have already a good start this year! More success!

    1. Likewise, a happy new year to and your family. Thank you so much for the nice words that inspires me more to do my best....and for reading my blog also. Big thanks and God bless you!


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