1 at 30: UP Naming Mahal

My admission in the College of Management of UPV Iloilo City came as a blessing to me. Because it gave hope and happiness to my Lolo Pedro at the time when he was battling lung cancer. Upon learning that I will be going to UP, he was so happy and excited to go with me in Iloilo City.
Four years after......UP opened my eyes to reality. I learned to live alone but the most important thing I learned is how blessed I am with the life my parents prepared for us. And the thing I love about being an "iskolar ng bayan," the freedom to wear what you want.

EXAMS mean taking a relaxing night with my boardmates on a last full show of a movie then a whole night of Iced tea while studying

Lunch is TSUP Meal; rice in a plastic, 2 sticks of barbeque and half bottle mountain dew.....
I got to let Papa and Mama walk the stage of UP Auditorium to received my ........
The years I spent in UP were the years that influenced me most. My Management Professor and Adviser's words stayed with me and became part of the choices I made, that as "management students your are taught not to get employed, but to create employment."