2 at 30: Act on Stage

I love acting and even dreamed of acting on a short film.......haha no longer a secret. Elementary years where spent doing small stage plays in school. But comes U.P. days, I got the courage to finally underwent the 4 weeks screening and workshop with TAGUPCI.
TAGUPCI stands for Theater Arts Guild of U.P. City of Iloilo. It is the first ever U.P. theater organization awarded the President's Award by the UP system.
TAGUPCI is family and my refuge. Sleepless nights and weekend rehearsals became my daily routine. And this is when I get to excel more in my academics, which simply shows that when we are doing the things we are passionate of we become more productive and no amount work is too hard.

I get to have my first taste of acting on stage when I did the "12 Angry Women by Reginald Rose". Acting on stage is exciting and intelligent, because it got no "take two's" and cut. Teamwork is also important, trust with your fellow actors is the very first workshop we had in preparation for a stage play.
My good friends and fellow TAGUPCI Shannah and Jenny

After my first play I get to do more plays. I get to do UPV Pinilakang Tabing and some minor roles in TAGUPCI's stage plays.
I feel blessed to have experienced and tried acting on stage. Remembered my fellow actor once said; "Life of earth is a major stage play with no cuts and take twos, all need to do is to be the best actor of our life."