Why Wait for Disaster to Share? Let Us Do IT Now

Heartbreaking. Saddening. Those were my feelings every time I hear and see the looting happening in Tacloban City. I feel it more upon hearing it from my sister, that a Red Cross staff and a doctor was hurt when their truck was ambush on their way to deliver relief goods and medical help to Tacloban City.
Then something struck me, if only we have persevered in reaching  out to them before all this, none of it would happen.
I know how difficult it is to be in their situation but to those who knows God, this is just his way of calling us.
All these inspires me to do more missions and outreach to our brothers and sisters. For years now our family tried to do our best to support the outreach works of our church. And to know that said outreach church is now able to stand and bring more to Christ is a blessing.

The outreach church of Tupi UCCP is in Sitio San Jose, Kablon, Tupi, South Cotabato. Our first visit in Sitio San Jose is in the 1st Quarter of 2009 through a Sunday service by the road going to their community. The next was during the blessing and installation of the Sitio San Jose UCCP as an outreach church of Tupi UCCP.

Our visit continues. Until the time we see that they can finally stand on their own and grow on their faith in Christ.
Celebrated my 28th Birthday with the community

After our family's Ilocos-Baguio vacation, we took time to share it with Sitio San Jose 

I write to inspire more people to reach out and do your ministry. In moments like this, those who have Christ will have Job in them. Let us all be a blessing to others.