Full Day on the 1st of November!

My day starts early as 5:00 A.M. But today is a day heavy with different  activities.
  • Delivers order of baked goodies to Polomolok
    Off early to deliver orders.....with my trusty TOMS
  • "Ibos 101" with Mama. Ibos is an Ilonggo word for Suman.
    A step by step Ibos making with Mama, always full of LAUGHTER 
  • Bakes Mini Cheese Cupcakes
    Got home after delivering orders, another pahabol 100 pcs mini cheese cupcakes......BLESSED
  • Visits vegetable farm in Kipalbig, Tampakan
    Ampalaya, Okra, Talong and Kalabasa......BLESSINGS 
  • Visits the wake of a relative in Kipalbig
    Ate Lily's pond, hmmm, wants to revive our pond
  • Lights candle at Holy Trinity Memorial Park in Tupi
    Browie with his pink candle for Ma Be
  • Afternoon snacks with family at home
    Ibos and hot tsokolate in a rainy afternoon is PERRRRFECT!!!