Café Mita, Too Much Expectation Kills

It is another day of eating and bonding for us. This time we went to a place I have always wanted to eat, Café Mita.
Café Mita’s interior charms me a lot, every time I passed by it, I have to look at it and think about eating there. And tadaaah…..we are here to eat.
Inside Café Mita is like a home full of knick, knacks from a family’s trip. The menu is a fusion of Filipino, American, Italian and Spanish comfort food.

We ordered; Garlic Chicken for Browie, Pork Salpicao for Sissy and I had Creamy Chorizo. We were the only customers then, but the wait made Browie a little impatient. When the food arrived, I and Sissy gave a few ohhs and ahhs, because we quite expect something more to what we get. The Garlic Chicken came first, and it was fine, 3 cuts of chicken is reasonable for a price of Php 135.00, Pork Salpicao is served as patty with the gravy on it for Php 135.00 also and the last one is my Creamy Chorizo which changes everything. Penne pasta in creamy sauce with few bits of chorizo and two slices of moldy bread, that not even the garlic butter spread on it keep the smell of molds on my first bite.

See the grayish part of the bread....moldy bread
The excitement of writing about it and the experience died with that first bite. I informed the staff about it but did not even bother to change it, but instead charge me at the said price of Php 125.00. It was a big disappointment. I write not to destroy any one, if only it can help them improve their service and I believe they have a market to take care of. The place is catchy and the food taste good, except for my Creamy Chorizo.
More Mai Wanders!!!!

Table Date: May 10, 2013