We have it Fresh! Here in South Cotabato!

For more than 2 months now, I have not wander outside South Cotabato. But that can't stop me from writing something about this bountiful province.
One of the many fresh produce coming from South Cotabato are the vegetables and fruits of Tupi and Polomolok. And I was so happy to know, through Mama, that there are women organizations in Tupi, particularly in Barangay Kablon, that grow salad greens, red radish and strawberries. And she even brought home two bags of salad greens.

I was so giddy looking around the kitchen for the dressing I will prepare for these fresh greens.
Mai 'tsam Dressing
olive oil
apple cider vinegar
*I did not measure any of those ingredients, mix it according to my taste.

Mai 'tsam Salad
mixed greens
thinly sliced apple
toasted almonds
Mai 'tsam dressing
*Tossed everything in your salad bowl then topped it with more toasted almonds.

It was indeed a quick and healthy meal for our whole family. My little Browie loves it, that he even asked if he can have some salad for his "school baon" the next day.

More than having a healthy meal for our family, I feel proud to say that "We Have It Here in South Cotabato." No need to go to somewhere else to have the freshest ingredients because we South Cotabateno, have it here on our own backyard!!!!
More Mai Wanders!!!


  1. Hello Mai, the salad looks great! :-D Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you, it tastes great also! God Bless Always....:-)


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