The Remaining 16 Hours in Malaybalay City

Malaybalay City during our visit was bursting with activities for Kaamulan celebration. But we preferred to just stay in our room at Pitcher Plant Farm for the remaining hours we have in Malaybalay. And what to do inside our studio room;
  • Have an afternoon Coffee

Did I say coffee at the farm is overflowing? Well it’s complimentary according to Volker, since we had coffee for breakfast I thought I would be paying for the next coffee, but it’s free. He even gave us extra sachets for the next morning. There is no corkage at the farm, so you can freely cook and bring food inside your room.
  • Play with Pitchers

Fascinated, that is how I felt after learning about this insectivorous plant. Our dining table has a pitcher plant vase, hmm, don’t you worry these pitchers were cut for the purpose of providing more food and growing space for the new pitchers. No plants were harm, mature pitchers can be cut and put in a vase with water. 

  •  A Little Birthday Celebration

It is a birthday trip , candle blowing is must. All three of us blow the same cute little pink candle, that is travelling on a budget. haha. We bought our chocolate moist cake from 
  • Pictorial

I am a camera whore, and I am proud of that. Photographs represents the memories of every moment, moments we can't rewind nor playback it, because each moment is unique on its own. I super love the studio room, because the space was utilized wisely. And the cabinet, wooh I can fit inside.

We get to bed early, so we can catch the first trip coming from Cagayan de Oro. We asked the motorela driver to fetch us early, but for security and his safety he informed us that its better to leave when there is already light. And when we got to the terminal, the first bus to General Santos City, just left. The next bus will be at 9:00 A.M., which is also the last bus that goes straight to General Santos City.

That may just be the last 16 hours for this trip, but I will keep coming back to more of Bukidnon.

More Mai Wanders!!!
For cake needs while in Malaybalay:
Cake Boss
Malabalay City
Tel. No.(088) 221-2874