Falling for Pitcher Plants

After a day of wandering around Malaybalay, its time to get to know more the plant where this farm was named. Despite the drizzles and being late in our supposed 4:30 pitcher plant tour, Volker, patient and accommodating as ever, walk us around his pitcher plant garden.
The garden is just beside his house and above our studio room. The best that I can remember about this whole Pitcher Plant 101 is that Pitcher Plant are from the Genus Nepethes and yes they are insectivorous or even carnivorous, some venus flytrap catches small frogs. Hmm... who won't get excited with it. I once again become a giddy child, listening attentively and asking questions with so much curiosity. 

Now that I am face to face with it, a plant I just used to read on A Child's First Library of Learning more than 20 years ago....haha. I asked Volker if I can grow it in Tupi, South Cotabato, and he said yes right away. Being at the foot of Mt. Matutum, a family of Nepethes will grow well as long as it is well taken care of.
And I did get my Hybrid Pitcher Plant and a Judith Hindle, at a good price from Volker. After a few months I already have two Hybrid Pitcher Plant but my Judith Hindle died, I failed to give more sunlight to it maybe.
Volker and my Judith Hindle
Pitcher plants are exciting to grow, every time I get to see a small pitcher, I wanted to grow it fast to see the shape it will have. And with this experience I want to grow more varieties of Pitcher Plants.
The pitcher of a Hybrid Pitcher Plant I have at home
Have it just outside my bedroom window....


  1. Wow! What is the species of the pitcher plant? How much?

    1. hi, the one I grow at home is a hybrid pitcher plant that I bought from Mr. Volker. It's laboratory grown.


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