Blessings from Lolo Estalin's Farm

I grew up in a farm, for the first two years of my life, I get to enjoy taking a bath from a flowing water and running around chasing chickens and even calling a snake an earthworm and going after it to catch it. But the next 28 years was spent living in two cities, got my degree and had my 8 to 5 job. Until more than a year ago, I quit my job and do my passion.
Farming is the noblest profession for me, the humility and hard work that it entails, provides food to the nation. And it made me so proud of my Lolo Estalin, tending our farm and bringing it back to the old "bukid" that I used to play in, is my way of showing my gratefulness for what he had left us.
The risk we made, Mama, Papa and Browie, (with the support and encouragement of Mama Net), to farm the "bukid" again raised eyebrows around, it was a suicide spending quite an amount of money and time to plant in the area again. I remembered hearing  comments saying; "nanakawin din yan, kayo lang babantayan nila" or "pasalamat naman ang mga magnanakaw nyan, nagtanim kayo para sa kanila." Those were the barriers for our success, people full of negativity, but as what Bro. Bo once said; "take away all your fears to achieve your goals, put all your trust to the one above" and we did.
The hill once covered with cogon  grass, have fruit bearing cavendish bananas inter cropped with rubber tree
Aside from banana and rubber, we planted upo as ground cover

This area was once covered with tall grasses and"buyo-buyo"
Last June 2013, we planted sweet potatoes in an area where we used to dumped charcoal rice hulls from our factory, 3 mos. after we have these
Last Saturday we made our first harvest, and saw how the "bukid" transformed. It is just the start of more blessings from Lolo Estalin's Farm.
I write about it to encourage more people to love the land we are blessed to have. 
And that a farmer can be beautiful and sexy..........LOL