Newest Pasalubong Finds in Cebu City

I am two years old and I celebrate it again with a 3-days trip in the Queen City of the South, CEBU City. But of course it was an all expense paid trip courtesy of MaMa Net.
Before I'll talk about the places and foods I have been to and tried, its gonna be about the food you can bring back home.....PASALUBONGS!!!!
1. Mango Chocolate

A Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Dried Mango Strips from Cebu Best. A box of 24 pieces is quite expensive, for Php 770.00, but I have to say it is worth the price you pay for. We bought from Metro Ayala, which is a lot cheaper than the airport price.
2. Rico's Lechon

Well Cebu is famous for the lechon, but Rico's Lechon, I believed is the first one to introduce the Spicy Lechon. It is a must try and must buy when in Cebu City. Located in F. Cabahug Panagdait, Cebu City. We bought two kilos of spicy lechon in the afternoon a day before our flight back home. A little tip when bringing a lechon home, have it cool down before sealing and boxing it.
3. All Season Taiwan Bakeshop Breads

I call it the cheaper Breadtalk, because most of its bread choices got a counterpart here in All Season Taiwan Bakeshop. The prices is just half of what you paid for a Breadtalk bread. 
Hope to find more on my next visit.
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