Flashback Friday: Sitio Lamlifew, Datal Tampal, Malungon, Sarangani

  November 27, 2008
Wake up around 4:30 A.M. and by 5:00 A.M. I'm on the road, driving to General Santos City. Left my car in my boarding house and went straight to Jollibee to grab a quick breakfast, while waiting for the hired van to fetched the performing artists for the Munato Festival of Sarangani Province.
11:00 A.M.
Sitio Lamlifew School of Living Tradition
Lamlifew has a School of Living Tradition and Community Museum
Our guest artists for Munato Festival.........JOEY AYALA
L to R: Shalom  & Allen (IPDP Staff), Mr. Joey Ayala, Ms. Beth Farnazo ( IPDP Prog. Mngr.), Ms. Helen  Lombos, and Moi
A Welcome snacks for our guests and me, hehe; hot native coffee in a glass and sticky rice wrapped in a leaf (Blaan's version of suman)
Inside the Community Museum
Lovely Blaan ladies receiving visitors inside the museum

LOL isa sa mga sandata ni Juan.....Sibat

Few of the 100 varieties of rice identified and retrieved through the effort of IPDP in partnership with MSU Research and Extension Center

Wooden Shield

Blaan folks, welcome visitors with their warm smiles
Lamlifew School of Living Traditions is located at Sitio Lamlifew, Brgy. Datal Tampal, Malungon, Sarangani. It was started during the term of Governor Migs Dominguez, through one of its front line programs, IPDP or the Indigenous People's Development Program.
To visit just contact Ms. Helen Lombos, the President of the Lamlifew Women's Association.
Five years ago, I lived a life of rushing and pushing things just to get what I want. I never thought of slowing down a bit, 5 hours sleep is already a lucky night. And Munato Festival is of the many days that sleep is never an option, simply because I need to work by day, study law in the evening and be back at work after school to finish all the things needed on the next working day.
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