Foodie Finds: Fruits in Ice Cream

Nom,nom.....Yum,yum......that was our Grand Majestic experience, with a tummy so full, the piggy sibs....oppss I mean foodie sibs, wants something to sweet and cold.

While Sissy went to buy some medicine and Mama's soles were tired, I went to look for a place where we can sit and have some dessert. And I found FIC, FIC stands for Fruits in Ice Cream, is a small stall inside SM City Cebu that offers a wide variety of gourmet ice cream flavors.

I choose Pistachio in a 460ml pint.
A nutty treat prepared from toasty, crunchy pistachio nuts generously sprinkled  into creamy pistachio flavored ice cream. There is a pistachio nut in every spoonful of this world-class ice cream that's surely delight the nut lovers. Enjoy the nut...toasty, crnchy pistachio....from start to end in this through and through Gourmet ice cream treat.(description from FIC)
Need I say more? I totally agree with how FIC described their Pistachio ice cream.
Table Date: July 28, 2012
Table Buddy: Sissy, Browie & Mama