Medieval Castle in the Hilly side of Argao City

Spanish Cabecera. All American Baluarte. Legendary Nature Park. And now a Medieval Castle in a forest.
Yes! Argao City surprises me with its places of interest. From the Argao Nature Park we hired a tricycle to Riverstone Castle for Php 20.00 each. 
When I stepped in the wooden door, I was transported back to the time of Princesses, Dragons and Knights. From the drawbridge by entrance door to a knight on guard, I was indeed in the Medieval times, they even got a round table made of river stones.

As I explore more of the castle, I was fascinated by the glass floor in the bar area. Its a modern twist to this medieval castle.

The place is good for hide and seek game because of the many doors and stairs leading to you don't know where. 

When we got to the second level, where I cannot even remember which stairs did we take. It has an open fire oven, where they make their pizza.

 As we moved higher, we passed by an open area, where rabbits freely roam around. And in one of the open terrace, a lady is waiting, hahaha, waiting for our entrance fee of 
Php 40.00 each. 
The Riverstone Castle Resort was developed by the Galeos Brothers and was designed by a Belgian national.

Located in Brgy. Cantiga-a Jogma, about 1 kilometer from Poblacion. When we got to Riverstone Castle Resort, instead of paying Manong Driver, we asked him to wait for us, because it looks like there is no regular transportation around. So better be safe and save time waiting for a transportation back to Poblacion.

Travel Date: July 1, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy