Baluarte de Argao for a Tummy Fill

Across the church yard is a small stone structure, we don't know what it is or what it is for. It has a small chamber and the facade has cherubim. Well, no one is around, for us to ask, so we went around it.
the old stone arch and the white board of menu
 And VIOLA! a white board with an American Menu written, burger, steak, fries........and so on. Behind it is an old stone arch leading to a beach.....HMMM "Dora the Explorer" wants to come out again. 
 On the gate, it reads "Baluarte de Argao," we were a bit hesitant because of a what we saw, just a two storey house with a wide lawn. So I went to the beach and asked the kids playing, if the Baluarte de Argao is open. And they answered "Tawag lang diha te, naa man tawo dinha." 
So I went and called out "tao po," and an old woman came and let us in.
Inside we were in awe with what we saw, this is just the kind of place I want to live. A nice big house, lovely garden and a beach.
Outdoor Jacuzzi

Manang directed us to the Baluarte, a two storey stone structure that resemble a lighthouse, only to find out later through Manang that it is indeed an old lighthouse, converted into a bar and restaurant.

Winding staircase of the lighthouse

coral stone wall of the baluarte
bar on the 2nd floor
 With an All American Menu, we ordered burger and fries, two bottled water and a can of soda, all for only Php 285.00 only.
Baluarte de Argao has rooms for an overnight stay. The place is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Travel Date: July 1, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy