Argao's Legends at Argao Nature Park

We took a tricycle from Cabecera de Argao to Argao Nature Park. One way ride is Php8.00.

 Argao Nature Park is not your typical nature park, because here you will get to experience extreme activities, like canopy walk, which me and sissy tried. Entrance fee and canopy walk cost us Php 30.00 for two person.
By the entrance we met Mangao, of the legendary figures in Argao's legend. He is a giant who once lived in this part of Cebu and said to be the husband of Maria Cacao. Can you see the connection of Mangao and Maria Cacao to Argao?
Meet Mangao

The Bridge or Purgante, where Maria Cacao's ship pass
In Philippine literature, legends or "alamat" is a semi-true story which has important meaning or symbolism of how a place or thing originates. One example is how Argao came to be, the giant's name Mangao sounds like Argao, Maria Cacao, the wife of Mangao, may have became the cacao fruit, which made Argao known as having the best tablea.

Our visit to Argao Nature Park, is not just a walk in the park but a walk to Argao's past tru its legends.
Travel Date: July 1, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy