A Bus Ride to Experience Down South of Cebu City

It was a spur of the moment decision for me and sissy to go to Argao City, Cebu to buy Argao's Tablea, or it was just our itchy soles. Whatever it is, all we know is we want to go somewhere even for a day.
US in the rear view mirror

At the South Bus Terminal, we rode a Non-A.C. Ceres Bus to Argao for only P79.00. The bus ride is not for a faint heart, roads going to South of Cebu are narrow and drivers drive so fast. The ride is like a roller coaster, and sissy & I have the full view of how our bus get to overtake in those narrow roads despite a super close incoming vehicle, because we took the seats just behind the driver.

Taking a seat behind the bus driver has another pro, aside from seeing the possible danger of a vehicle collision, you get to have a full view of the towns you will be passing.
Roundball of Carcar

Sibunga Municipal Hall

A bus ride down South is an experience in itself. You get the mix of the past, present and future. The FUTURE in the industrial town of Naga, the PRESENT in busy life of Carcar & Sibunga and the PAST in the historic town of Argao.
Excited to Wander around Cabecera de Argao
It was more than an hour bus ride from Cebu City to Argao, and getting down in Argao calls for more wanders!

Travel Date: July 1, 2012


  1. i find it hard to take a photo from a moving vehicle. pero ikaw parang sanay na sanay na :)

    1. continuous shot lang gamit ko basta nasa sasakyan, hehehe


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