UP Visayas - Iloilo City Statues: Plato and Aristotle No More....

Four years in UP Visayas Iloilo City campus, I have known them as "Plato and Aristotle". These two famous statues were as popular as UP's Oblation Statue, inside Iloilo City UPV campus. They were seated on guard the main entrance of the Main Building or the Old Building. And often the meeting place for thesis or company study meetings, back then.
Fast forward to December 2011, six years after, I came back to UP Iloilo City to get my Batch 2000 yearbook. Excited to turn each pages, as I reminisce my UP days, one page caught me smiling and made me a feel so dumb fool, for believing that they were "Plato and Aristotle."
The Old Building is the heart of UPV-CM, located at center of the campus. From here you can easily access all four sides of the campus. But more than its location, it is its history that makes is fitting to be called the heart of UPV-CM. 
The Old Building was then Iloilo City Hall, until after Iloilo Municipal Board  authorized a resolution for the opening of a branch of UP in Iloilo City. Aptly called the heart of UP education in Panay Island.

Mama in the hallway to the right wing of the OLD Building
Iloilo City Hall was designed by Juan Marcos de Guzman Arellano, a Filipino Achitect, best known for his works; Metropolitan Theater, the Manila Post Office Building, Cebu Provincial Capitol, Jones Bridge and Iloilo City Hall (now UP Iloilo City Campus). These works made him a National Artist for Architecture.
Francesco Riccardo Monti on the other hand is the man responsible for the most recognized feature of Iloilo City Hall, "the Allegorical Sculptures of UPV-IC Central Building." He is an Italian Sculpture.
Monti designed the two larger than life seated male statues guarding both sides of the entrance. These eye catching statues where sculptures of "Law and Order," - not Plato and Aristotle.
Taken last November 2011-the day I got my Batch 2000 Yearbook
Thanks to my Batch 2000 yearbook. Now I can tour my family and friends around UP Iloilo City Campus, armed with the right information and funny stories behind.