Litehouse Diner: Supah BIG BURGER!!!!

Let's take a break from feeding my wanderlust, its time to feed the foodie in me. Who wants a super big burger that an 1/8 slice can make you full?
Litehouse SS Gourmet Burger

Thank God to Litehouse Diner for bringing to South Cotabato those healthy big burgers. Don't raise your eyebrows dearies, when I say its healthy, because it is, they do not use TVP (textured vegetable protein) on their patty. Their patty is 100% Fresh Pure Beef and they do not stock their patties in the chiller for more than 24 hours, making its patty so juicy. A big thumbs up is that they do not use preservatives on their patties. And their burger buns are freshly baked.....

Our whole family enjoyed and loved the Litehouse SS Gourmet Burger. We ordered a take-out for our morning snacks but we all ended saying no to lunch after eating an eight of the whole burger. I can only describe it in two words YUMMY & JUICY.

Jalapeno Burger
We also tried the Jalapeno Burger, and it taste as good as their SS Burger, but with "chili" taste to it....
I have my new favorite.....its Litehouse Burgers!!!