Santiago Bay in An Instant

Twilight at Santiago Bay
It will be my second to the last post on Camotes Series. From Poro, we arrived in the port of Consuelo past 2:30 in the afternoon. And a long line of passengers were waiting around the port area. I asked around, and learned that all scheduled ferry to Danao were cancelled.
We hired a single motorcycle to Santiago to stay for a night. It is a coastal barangay of Pajican Island, one of the four islands that composes the Camotes Group of Islands.
It was an unplanned trip, but that cannot stop us from having the best time in Santiago. One can enjoy the white sand beaches of Santiago without making your wallet cry. Santiago offers;
Affordable Place to Stay
Taking a rest in our room
It was unplanned, and spending on a place to stay is way out of our budget, but here in Santiago, finding an affordable place is easy. On our way, we asked Manong Driver for a place he can recommend that is affordable, he said not to worry because there are a lot of home-stay in Santiago. The place we got is a 3-bedroom house, wherein two of their bedrooms are rented out to tourist. A room cost us P600.00, which is  reasonable enough, it is a few meters from the beachfront.
White Sand Beach and the Wonders of the Sea

Inside Santiago Bay Resort  man-made cav

Along Santiago Bay are resorts and restaurants. But a must do is a stroll along the beach during low tide.

Yummy & Affordable Seafood

Dinner is in one of the beachfront restaurants in Santiago. We ordered; calamares, steamed crab (1 piece for sissy), rice & 2 glasses of Mango Shake for a total of Php 125.00.
Santiago's beachfront lights up at night

We ended our night in Santiago with an evening stroll, "pampatunaw" before going to bed. We will leave around 3:00 A.M. to catch the first ferry trip to Danao the next day.
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Date: May 20, 2012
Place: Santiago, Pajican Island, Camotes
Travel Buddy: Sissy


  1. 125 pesos lang yung dinner?! swak na swak sa budget! :)

    1. yup good for two na yung P125.00. Sarap bumalik doon

  2. Do you have the contact number of this placE?

    1. Hi Ms. Estephanie, I do not have their contact number, but I advice you to go around Santiago Bay Church and Plaza. Most residents offer a home stay, which is cheaper that the resorts around. Thanks for reading!


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