Home Away from Home: Green Windows Dormitel

Arrived in Davao City around 7:00 P.M., passed the regular check-in time, but I still went to Green Windows Dormitel to try my luck, and get a Php 188.00 accommodation. Unfortunately, they were fully booked and the only available room is a Deluxe Matrimonial for a whooping Php 1,800.00, with free breakfast for two.

5th Floor Lobby
I may not get a Php 188.00 accommodation that night, but still I highly recommend, Green Windows Dormitel, for 8 reasons; (just like the 8 reasons they got on their website)
Paying 1, 800 is way beyond my suppose budget for a night stay in Davao City but with the comfort I got, it is a real deal. The room has WIFi service, a toilet and bath, cable television , good lighting system, toiletries, big bed and air condition. 

Green Windows Dormitel is a 2-star hotel with a 5-star bed. The bed spells COMFORT, it is big, soft and clean.

The moment I entered FTC Towers, I get a welcoming smile from Mr. Guard, then when I stepped out of the elevator on the 5th floor to Green Windows Dormitel Front Desk, I get a welcome greetings and great smile. Despite the number of clients on the front desk, they were able to accommodate each one. Another plus, because I am getting a room for two, I get to have a breakfast for two then. Since I got an early flight to Iloilo the next day, I asked if I can get it for the dinner and the other for my breakfast. And yes they allowed me to have one dinner and they packed the other one for my breakfast.
Dinner: Vegetables & Chicken Curry
The Canteen, it got a Common Living Room
Did I say they got a Security Guard on the Ground Floor of FTC? At the lobby on the 5th floor, they got another one and when I got to my floor on the 8th floor, there is Lady Guard, who will open the room for you and even check it first before you enter, that VIP security.
All they have are "supot" or brown paper bag. After I had my dinner, the canteen in-charge asked me what I want for breakfast, and suggested that I choose something that is dry because he is packing it using a "supot.
Toiletries were packed using biodegradable materials. I was so pleased with how they try to make efforts in going green.
Who wouldn't love a 24-hours free WIFI access? 
They have do, and it is secure parking.
Located within the city center at the 5th Floor of FTC Tower, Mt. Apo Street, Davao City.

Check-in Date: June 28, 2012
Check-out Date: June 29, 2012


  1. tried this last january of 2012! the place is really new and the dorm rooms were superb. i got more value of the money i spent with them :P

    1. Wow, great you're able to stay in their dorm, I would have wanted to experience it. thanks Lakbay Diva, super love you blog.....Thanks for dropping....

    2. hey! it might be late to say thanks, but thanks anyway!! hihihi


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