San Francisco, Camotes: The Cleanest Agora I've Been To

Agora is a Greek term for a meeting place. From the port of Consuelo, Sissy & I dropped by San Francisco public market to buy some milk, but we discovered more.
San Francisco is a town in Pajican, one of the four islands comprising the Camotes Group of Islands. It is also the second oldest town after Poro, established as a Spanish Pueblo in March 19, 1852.

Being an old town, the streets are small but I was surprised when we get to the market. It is a big open space and very clean. 

We went to the fish section and there, sissy cannot make up her mind on what fish to buy.
On the other side of the Agora is San Francisco Baywalk. While waiting for our fish to be cleaned, we walk around. 
Area where fishing boats dock

The Baywalk 

There are more discoveries that I will share to you on Camotes. It is not just Camotes Island home to beautiful beaches and Lake Danao. There is more to Camotes.
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Travel Date: May 18, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy