My Five Days Mission Exposure in Adela, Camotes Island

Tourists visit Camotes for its white sand beaches, but I come to Camotes for a Mission Exposure. 
Crazy me, spending my own money to go to a remote barangay of Camotes Island. But I tell you, it was the most heartwarming trip, I have ever taken. 
Day 1
We arrived in the port of Poro past 4:00 P.M. From Poro we hired a multi-cab to Barangay Adela.
There we meet our foster family, Pastor and his family. On the first night, we planned the activities for the coming days. And ended the night with an evening devotion.
Day 2-3
 We had Kids Mission in the morning, by mid-afternoon we're off around Adela, sharing God's words and on the evening we have Teen/Youth Mission.

Day 4
Preparation for the Graduation & Thanksgiving Sunday.

Day 5
Thanksgiving Sunday and the day I say Goodbye to my new friends.

Volunteer Date: May 15-20, 2012