Mixed Nut Me

How about doing the things you are passionate with in a day? I just did on the 3rd day of 2013.
Baked Cupcakes
Sissy and Miya will again leave for Cebu. And by Miya's special request, I baked cupcakes for her and chicken empanada for sissy.
Color of the Year cupcake batter
Foodie at Max's Fried Chicken
Their flight is around noon, from the airport we all went of SM Gen.San. for lunch. It was not my first time at Max's but it was my first time here in Max's SM City Gen. San.. For lunch we ordered; Set A Family Meal (Fried Chicken, Shanghai, Cream Corn Soup, Chopsuey & Caramel Bars), added Crispy Pata and Shrimp Rebosado.

Browie enjoying his crispy pata to the bones
Shopped & Did the Grocery
I call it my exercise, moving from point A to B, comparing prices from one to another, finding the nicer color and trying the one the fit and look best. LOL
SM Gen.San. fish section 

Mai Lesson's Learned:
Be passionate. When you do things with passion, you will never feel tired.
More Mai Wanders!!!