Mai Walks: In Search for Esperanza's Sunset

Sunset is the most beautiful part of day. On our way to barangay Adela in day 1, we were welcomed by a beautiful sunset as we go up the limestone hills of Esperanza.
And on the last day of our Mission Exposure, Sissy, Maya & I decided to take an afternoon walk to the place where we first saw Esperanza's Sunset.
The walk leads us to a lot of discoveries.

Heritage Tree
It is an old Acacia Tree that is marked as a Heritage Tree that we passed by. We might not know its history, but we just took some pictures with it.

Never Seen Flora
Mama loves plants that I can already recognize certain plant to be rare or not. Here in Adeda, there are a lot, that I saw for the first time.

Bird Sanctuary
We passed by a forested area, marked as a Bird Santuary, we have not seen a single bird but we heard them anyway, so its a sanctuary maybe.

My Little Island Hotel
There is a hotel in this interior barangay. My Little Island Hotel website claims it to be the first and true hotel in Camotes.
What we came for, it took us an hour to wait for it, but the gazillions of images and beauty that we saw is worth all the walking and waiting it takes.

From Kodak EasyShare Sport

Canon 60D

Walk Date: May 18, 2012
Walk Buddies: Sissy & Miya