Mai Walks: Lourdes Park & D' Dragon of Kiamba

Kiamba is one of the three Sarangani towns located in the west coast of Sarangani Bay. It took us an hour and half,from our home in Tupi to Poblacion, Kiamba.
According to old folks, Kiamba was named after a creek which itself borrowed its name from Datu Kiamba, a Tagabili (Tboli) chieftain.
 We went around looking for the tourism office, from a local we learned that it is in Lourdes Park. On our way to the park, we passed by the Dragon Fountain. Having worked  in the Province of Sarangani for four years, I knew right away why a fantasy character "the Dragon" sits on the town plaza's grounds. Well the incumbent mayor is nicknamed, "Dragon."

 From the Town Plaza, is a newly improved Lourdes Park fronting the coast of Kiamba. The Tourism Office is also located, where those who want to visit the Tuka Marine Park can register and pay for the boat and entrance fee to the marine park.

Again finding Lourdes Park and the Tuka Marine adventure is serendipitous. We were in Poblacion, Kiamba just to have lunch, before going to Maitum's river tubing, but fortunate events do happen.
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Walk Date: January 02, 2012
Walk Buddies: Sissy & Miya