Foodie Finds: Pantatan Restaurant of Fortune Field Restaurant

On the northwest side of South Cotabato is the town of Banga, the"Corn Town" of the province. And one of the favorite stop of those travelling on this side of the province is Fortune Field Resort.
Fortune Field Resort is located in Crossing Kipot, Banga, South Cotabato. Right after attending a Sunday Church service, we decided to visit Tito Onyok's Farm. Before going to Sitio Matlong in Banga, we had our Sunday Lunch at Fortune Field Resort's Patatan Restaurant.

Patatan Restaurant offers a wide array of "pantat"dishes. Pantat is a local term of hito or catfish. During our visit we ordered; Tinolang Manok, Chicharon na Tilapia, Fried Pantat and Fried Tilapia.
Fried Tilapia
Chicharon na Tilapia

Fried Hito
 A visit to Pantatan Restaurant satisfy my craving for this savory fish.

Table Date: January 6, 2013
Table Buddies: Browie, Deo, Ma Net, Tito Ed, Tita Ming & Tito Onyok

How to get there:
Fortune Field Resort
Along National Highway, Crossing Kipot, Banga South Cotabato