Foodie Finds: Kanto Cleminda

Finding a good place to eat in small town is joy to a foodie like me. On our way to Maitum, we drive around Poblacion Kiamba to look for a place to have lunch. 
Getting around Kiamba's town is difficult, I told our driver that we look for the Municipal Hall and from there we can find a place to eat. While on Mondragon street, we saw this place with bamboo walls around the property, we tried our luck and Viola! its a place to eat.
  We are a big group of 13 people, so we ordered; 4 servings of bihon, 4 servings of fried chicken & 4 servings of pork sisig.

They cook as you order, you have to wait, as for us, we waited quite long. Good thing that the place have "kubo" were we lounge and chitchat. There are plants around, and Mama being a plant lover finds the place beautiful.

I learned something from Kanto Cleminda that I can do for my plan of putting a cafe. Have something around that you a passionate of aside from your foods. The greens around Kanto Cleminda made waiting of our orders fun and relaxing.

Food at Kanto Cleminda taste good, but my Mama & Ma Net find it too salty. For me it is just enough and to find a good place to eat in this town is happiness.
Kanto Cleminda Found and Tasted!
Table Date: January 2, 2013
Table Buddies: Family
How to get there:
Located along Mondragon Street, across the Municipal Health Office of Kiamba.